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Making an Impact

Communities with VIAB for VIABLE living.

Reduce costs of  living and make any neighborhood

or village carbon-neutral


Two billion more people

will be living on this planet by 2050, adding to the existing global resource challenge that the world faces.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the world will see a need for 80% more energy, 55% more water and 60% more food to sustain the global population in 2050.

Addressing this challenge entails four key pillars: (i) Generating more resources; (ii) Minimizing resource-loss and waste; (iii) Being climate smart by minimizing carbon emissions and pollutive elements; and (iv) Maximizing land use and cost efficiency.

Meeting this challenge cannot be achieved through conventional, centralized infrastructure solutions. We are innovating to make the world cleaner, more sustainable, and more resilient.


Infrastructure today is inefficient, pollutive, costly, and largely unsuitable for remote areas. Instead of being generated on-site, energy is transported long distances at great cost, while other resources that could be recycled and used productively are wasted. As the global population expands and the pressures of climate change increase, these issues become even more critical.


Our technology addresses each of these challenges. Smart integration, usage, and recycling of resources bring infrastructure costs down, while inefficiencies in the infrastructure supply chain mean that construction time is drastically reduced via our model. All our resources are generated on-site via renewable sources, reducing pollution and increasing resilience for communities which will no longer be reliant on grid connections that can be interrupted by a single storm.

Finally, our decentralized infrastructure package is deployable in remote locations worldwide, offering hope to the billions of people living in off-grid communities who currently lack access to basic infrastructure services.


Our impact is directly aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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