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Self-Sustaining projects


Ketura POC

Establish the first Infra box in Kibbutz Ketura.

It is also our research and development infrastructure

Arava Campus

Establishing the first self sustained campus of its kind together with the Arava institute for existing environmental studies and regional cooperation

Starting QAYMA

Rise to the ground and construction, QAYMA pioneer neighborhood demonstrates the benefits of local independent infrastructure

 Populating QAYMA project

Populate the Project and demonstrate to the world the economic and community benifits of the world's ecological residential neighborhood

More sustainable Projects

From there market more green infrastructure arrays

Qayma is the model neighborhood for a technological and thriving ecological community life.
The unique design of the neighborhood allows for an urban villa in saturated construction up to 4 floors. This is the first neighborhood in the world that can exist and provide its tenants with all the basic needs even without connection to the grid.
The pioneering Qayma residents will demonstrate how a local community can operate and maintain local systems while benefiting from a 30% reduction in living costs.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-30 at

QAYMA Mitzpe Ramon

Kibbutz Ketura R&D

In collaboration with the Arava Institute we are establishing the research and development center for VIAB (village in a box)
Cleantech Infrastructure will provide and regenerate all the needs and products of researchers and complex.

This is a live test of the GMS control system and its ability to predict tenants' consumption and manage resources in the most economical way. The system is required to store energy in various ways in order to save the need for batteries.

Arava Institute

Self-sustained campus

Partnering with The Arava Institute, we are building a self-sustained eco-campus.

The campus infrastructure will be designed using our AI powered Grid Design Software, incorporating our technology – all packaged into one, fully integrated system.

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