1. To be a leading pioneer community in a sustainable and productive ecological world

  2. Maintaining a minimum of footprint and a minimum of waste pollution

  3. To be a community that educates for the sharing of knowledge and cooperation for the benefit of broad community resilience

  4. Provide international proof that it is possible to live in community ecology and prosper economically while reducing the cost of living

  5. Accept the other and be a pluralistic community that respects people from all backgrounds and all cultures

  6. Maintain a person's privacy and freedom of expression, avoid intrusion into privacy, use and distribute information without consent

  7. Maintain the living environment from waste pollution, light, noise, vandalism, and proper use of public property

  8. Recognize that private waste is the general resource and it is important to take care of separation and recycling as much as possible

  9. Being a company that cares for the weak, provides an existential safety net, equal opportunities, and rewards its loyalists and volunteers.

  10. Always aspire to reach the balance point where everyone wins the win-win situation

  11. Be a community that cultivates a local economy and relies on a local product as much as possible

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