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QAYMA unique DNA

  • We are building the first self-sustained neighborhood in Mitzpe Ramon

  • A leading pioneer community in a sustainable and productive ecological world

  • Maintaining a minimum of footprint and a zero waste pollution

  • A community that educates for sustainability, knowledge, cooperation and community resilience

  • Provide proof that it is possible to live in a sustainable community  while reducing costs of living

  • Accept the other and be a pluralistic community that respects people from all backgrounds and all cultures

  • Maintain a person's privacy and freedom of expression, avoid intrusion into privacy

  • Maintain the living environment from waste pollution, light, noise, vandalism, and proper use of public property

  • Care for the weak, provide an existential, social and economical safety net, equal opportunities. Reward members and volunteers.

  • Always aspire to reach the balance point of a win-win situation

  • Be a community that cultivates a local economy and sustains on a local products as much as possible

  • Want to live with us? Click below to join!

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