Technology for Resiliency

VIAB Self-Sustained Infrastructure

Our infrastructure technology is a unique INFRASTRUCTURE BOX as it Manages all resources based on consumption forecasting, and incorporates all the elements required for life into one package. Elements such as water, energy, food, waste, waste water are all taken into account and developed to work together, as a synergetic array. One element feeds the next which in turn feeds another. Nothing is wasted.

Our infrastructure acts like the layers of an onion. One infrastructure grid is designed with multiple layers, each built one on top of the other. The result is the most efficient infrastructure grid in the world.

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Carbon -negative circular infrastructure

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Resource-efficient. Resilient

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Modular and scalable

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Powered by AI smart control

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30% cheaper, 20%-40% faster

Grid Management Software

The same proprietary software used to design your city of the future is also used to manage your city of the future. As all the elements work together in harmony, one platform can be used to monitor all activity within the system. Sophisticated AI algorithms will monitor performance and adjust as required to ensure optimal efficiency of the infrastructure. When faults are detected, back-up systems are engaged and key maintenance personnel are alerted automatically, without the need for human intervention. To oversee this process, our on-site Operaion & Maintenance teams safeguard the system’s resilience.


Grid Design Software

We have developed a proprietary, AI-powered Grid Design Software. Instead of painstakingly designing an infrastructure grid piece by piece, checking and rechecking that nothing has been missed, our system allows clients to input the variables of their communities, such as population size, type, terrain information, etc., from which our system will generate a blue print for an efficient and zero-waste infrastructure grid.